Food Bank

The Holy Trinity Parish Food Bank has continued to operate throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.  Following the CDC and San Diego Food Bank guidelines, our Parish pantry is open to our community neighbors Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 11:00am.

We hand out bags of non-perishable groceries, as well as bread and other essentials (based on availability), to all that come by.  We are only able to serve El Cajon residents and require and I.D. with an address.  We do serve our homeless freinds as well.  Families may get a bag of groceries a maximum of 5 times a year, and we ask that you space your visits at least 30 days apart.  However, people may come by and pick up bread and certain other items as often as they like.

If you , or anyone you know, may need a little extra help making ends meet, please stop by our Food Bank.  We operate every week (closed on some Holidays) out of the main entrance of

the Parish Hall.

For more information, please contact Cyndi Craig at [email protected]
We thank our primary sponsors/supporters and couldn't operate without their generosity!!