Sick and Homebound

"...when I was sick, you visited me." Matthew 25:36

Do you feel called to help our brothers and sisters in need?  Members of the Ministry to the Sick and Homebound regularly visit and take Holy Communion to parishioners in hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, high-rise apartments and private homes within the Holy Trinity parish boundaries.

Ministers can serve as often as they are available; weekly visits are preferred, especially to shut-in parishioners, although some ministers may serve monthly or twice a month.  New ministers are teamed up with current ministers to become familiar with the service expected of them. Hospital visitation takes place as requested by the patient, and ministers who serve regularly are assigned by floor or unit so that they are familiar with the needs of patients in those areas.

Those who want to serve in the Ministry must be at least 18 years old and approved for training as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

If you have an interest in serving as a Minister to the Sick and Homebound, please contact the parish office.