Christ's ministry was one of hospitality, extending a hand and welcoming all with open arms!  Following Christ's example, Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers and Greeters) are the Welcoming Committee/Ambassadors of our church. They are the face of our parish.

Ministers of Hospitality open doors and warmly greet parishioners and guests as they enter our church. They make sure gift bearers are available to bring up the gifts of bread and wine, help seat people, assist with the Offertory collection baskets, direct Communion lines and ensure those who cannot go up for Holy communion receive communion. After Mass, Ministers of Hospitality pass out the bulletin and assist anyone who has specials needs in leaving the church.

Interested individuals and families should be hospitable, have an ability to see the needs of others and respond to them, and be welcoming. It is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know other parishioners. 

Ministers serve the liturgy they normally attend but are encouraged to serve whenever there is an opening. We especially invite families to serve in the ministry, as it is a simple way to teach children to help serve others in our community.  It is a great ministry in which family members can work together.

If you are intersted in becoming a Minister of Hospitality, please contact the Ministry Center at (619) 444-9425.