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If you have recently lost a loved one, we offer our condolences.

Christians find bright rays of hope even in the midst of our darkest times.  We believe that death is not only an end, but also a beginning.  Our loved one has passed from this present, temporary life to a perfect, permanent one.  When A Catholic dies, the Church celebrates a particular set of liturgical rites to help us through the immediate days of grieving, to express our belief in eternal life, and to help us pray for the one who has died.  A funeral is a most solemn event in the Catholic tradition.  For those who were active, devout Catholics and have survivors who are active communicants, a funeral Mass is appropriate.  However, when you have a mixed congregation of Catholic and non-Catholic, a funeral service (with no Mass) may also be desirable.  It is best to discuss these options with the presiding priest/deacon.

Once the family or survivors have met with the funeral home to make the initial arrangements, it then best to meet with the priest to plan the service.  Please contact our Ministry Center at (619) 444-9425 to set up a date and a meeting.  This will help to coordinate the church service with the funeral home.