Year 1

9th-11th grades only

28, 1.5 hour, classes called "Faith Nights"

Begins at 6:15 pm with announcements or worship music

Ends at 8:00pm

Classes begin September 11th with a Parent Meeting and Activities in the Hall.

YouCat: Youth Catechism from Ignatius Press.  This is offered in Spanish and English.  It includes a study guide that your teen will use but NOT write in. 


Service Hours: 20 hrs per year.

       -includesParish events, serving at Youth Mass, cleaning up parish grounds, cleaning up beaches, Feeding the Homeless at St. Vincent De Paul, etc.  Non-HT Youth events planned by the teens' school or local group/club CAN count for up to 10 hours per year.

GLUEE NIGHTS: Youth Groups open to all teens. 

       -Teens registered in youth ministry attending classes are required to attend 4 youth groups throughout the year. 

       -We'll share music, have activities, experience worship songs, and discuss the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church using the DoCat.